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State of the Airline Industry. March 25th.

A roundtable discussion with aviation experts

Join us as Pilot to Pilot aviation podcast host, Justin Siems, welcomes a panel of industry experts, including Dr. Jim Higgins, Aviation Professor at the University of North Dakota, and RAA Financial Advisor, former Delta Captain, and retired U.S. Navy Commander, Gary Krasnov. This free webinar is a must-watch for pilots, no matter if you're a first officer just taking off in your career or a seasoned captain approaching retirement.

The discussion includes: 

  • Key developments shaping our industry and impacting pilots today
  • The latest buzz of what's likely to happen in 2024, and beyond
  • Cutting-edge financial and professional perspectives for the future
  • And more

And after watching the webinar, don't miss out on your chance for a complimentary call with an airline-specialized financial advisor. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions specific to your situation and get tailored guidance to help you achieve your future goals. 

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Justin Siems, Professional Pilot and host of Pilot to Pilot Podcast headshot
Justin Siems
Professional Pilot and Host of Pilot to Pilot Podcast
Justin Siems drawn to aviation, shifted from aerial survey work to freight flying, finding his passion in General Aviation. Creating the Pilot to Pilot podcast, he mentors and shares insights every Tuesday with over 300 podcast episodes showcasing his journey.
Gary Krasnov headshot
Gary Krasnov, AIF®, CLTC®
Vice President - RAA
Gary Krasnov, RAA's Vice President leading the airline division at Allworth Financial, and a financial advisor, brings expertise in finance, retirement planning, and aviation.  As a retired Delta Captain, he also holds a Navy background, retiring as a Commander.
Dr. Jim Higgins headshot
Dr. Jim Higgins
Aviation Professor
Dr. Jim Higgins, a seasoned aviation professional and Professor at the University of North Dakota, brings extensive experience in research, safety initiatives, and predictive flight. A former airline pilot, he led projects like the FAA-funded National General Aviation Flight Information Database. His diverse expertise includes past leadership roles, such as MEC Chairman under ALPA.

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