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Financial Planning Virtual Workshop

five pRINCiples to building a confident financial plan

Live well today - and plan for tomorrow. Watch our free Virtual Workshop to learn 5 must-know strategies for building a confident financial plan, and how working with a fiduciary advisor can help secure a future that will be on your terms. 

You'll learn:

  • How to maximize your savings and estimate future income needs
  • Investment strategies to help mitigate risk
  • Ways to minimize your post-career taxes
  • How an airline-specialized advisor can be your ally in reaching your goals
  • And more!




about raa

Our entire approach to financial planning is built around the needs, concerns, and goals of the airline community. Whether you are just entering the airline industry, are nearing your final flight, or are enjoying the retirement you’ve worked hard to achieve, the team at RAA is here to support your financial journey from takeoff to touchdown.

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